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Family reunification

We support and assist the obtainment of residence permit for family members of foreign citizens that are living in Portugal, with a legal authorisation.

Marriage in Portugal

Do you wish to get married in Portugal? We achieve all formal procedures for you (Marriage-contract; civil or religious marriage); avoiding unnecessary displacements and daily routine break up.

Family care and accompaniment

You left abroad, but some of your family member living in Portugal, need special care and accompaniment, casually or permanently. We look for you the best services to take care of his specific needs.

Request of retirement pension

We accomplish the request of retirement pension, in Portugal, for you.


If you wish to define the share of your goods, according to your will, we assure you, through our specialised partners, the accomplishment of your testament, in Portugal.

Inheritance claim

You wish to claim an inheritance in Portugal, but you are living abroad? We assure you, through our specialised partners, the conducting of the appropriate procedures, for you, so that you can avoid unnecessary displacements.


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