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Studies and profession

Academic equivalence request

Do you need to request academic equivalences to proceed your studies in Portugal? We accomplish your request for you, before Portuguese public entities.

School selection and enrolment

You wish to register your children in a Portuguese school, near your residence, but you don't know which is suitable to proceed with their academic course or fits to their artistic and professional vocation. We check the schools, either public or private, that fits their needs better and inform you about the respective access conditions. After that, we provide the enrolment, according to your choice.

University studies in Portugal

If you wish to attend a Portuguese University, we provide the information you need about admission, policy and support your enrolment. We also inform you about available lodging and transports.

Support for job applicant

Do you wish to be a candidate for a public job? We help you to accomplish the documental process.

Professional registry

We help you to register in Portuguese professional orders.


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