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Funerals and repatriation


Do you pretend to repatriate and entomb in Portugal a beloved person that passed away in a foreign country?
Do you pretend to repatriate a beloved person that passed away in Portugal, to his own country?
We assure you, within our networking partners, the realisation of the funeral in Portugal and the respective repatriation.
WWith 40 years working experience, we are pride of their meticulous funerary service. They work with great professionalism and take care of each funeral, as if it was a familiar one, with the dignity that every perished person deserve and satisfy all the willing of the families, with great attention to details that mark the difference.
We provide all the necessary assistance to guarantee, since the first contact with the family, that any detail will not be forgotten, to humanise and dignify the pain caused by the loss of a beloved person.


We assure the guarantee of quality and a quick and efficient answer, within an international network partners. Repatriations from and for France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium and United Kingdom. We provide the assistance to accomplish all the legal formalities of each country.

Cleaning and maintenance of the vault

If you entombed a beloved person in Portuguese soil, but you aren't present to do the cleaning and arrange the vault, we do it for you, weekly, including cleaning, floral decoration and candles. Each work is photographed and sent by e-mail to you.

Acquisition and construction of vaults

Do you want to guarantee the place for your last address? Do you pretend to acquire a family vault, in Portuguese soil, but you live abroad? We provide and assist all the needed procedures for the acquisition, by you.

Please, contact us for a personalized preposition.


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